Our mantra is “Doing it Better“.  A few small words but with huge intent. 

At DIB, our goal is to forge long-term relationships that allow us to adopt the role of ‘trusted advisor’ to our Clients and their organisations. In the most practical terms: we strive to position ourselves as our clients’ ‘Insurance Department’ through hard work, genuine commitment and best practice execution.

We consider ourselves to be tailors of risk management solutions. Our focus is always to accurately assess the individual risk profile of each of our Clients before designing a bespoke solution that appropriately addresses the exposures.

If your ready to work in a true business partnership with Dib, together in joint strategy we will create wealth, ensure  security through proactive risk identification and mitigation, and provide for a future that is more certain, one where your corporate and personal visions are realised, then you’re ready to partner with us.

We welcome you to learn more about Dib and its corporate capacity and let us show you  how we can grow together.

We invite to to turn a new page in your corporate mission, go beyond the hand shake and step into your new future.


Our Products and Services

Business Insurance

DIB Steasfast offers a complete range of business insurance products. Whether you need commercial & industrial tailored products or professional risks products, we’ve got you covered. More..

Home Warranty Insurance

If you are a licensed builder, it is likely you have a statutory requirement to purchase Home Warranty insurance for all but your smallest jobs.  DIB Steasfast can cover you. More..

Personal Insurance

Our personal insurance products cover everything from home and contents to strata, landlords insurance, motor vehicle and motorcycle, pleasure craft and travel insurance. More..

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a holistic approach to planning for your financial future. It is about setting short and long-term goals and developing strategies to achieve those goals.  More..